Revisiting my class notes from my discrete mathematics course.

Definition 1.1:

A proposition is a declarative statement that is either true or false, but it cannot be both. A proposition is a statement that makes an assertion, and this assertion has a truth value. A proposition is NOT a question, opinion, etc.

Indicates some relation to truth, e.g. being True or False. Sometimes called a logical value.

Letters (most commonly p and q) are used to denote propositions.

IMPORTANT: Any letter (or symbol) can be used to denote propositions. These letters or symbols are simply conventional names given to any propositional statements…

A Brief Introduction.

I decided to write a brief introduction to the terminal after doing some reading for my Systems Programming class. Warning: lots of bad Fallout metaphors below.

TL;DR: the terminal on your mac allows you to interact with your computer’s kernel, which in turn allows you to interact with system resources and services.

But first, a brief but necessary trip down a little rabbit hole.

alice and the rabbit
alice and the rabbit

The role of the operating system is to manage your computer’s resources and has complete control over the system. In other words, the OS allocates and directs system resources. An OS is a program located in your system’s memory. The OS is the bureaucracy of your machine. …

Jacob Pelletier

Nursing — Computer Science — Philosophy

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