Propositional Logic | Propositions

Definition 1.1:

1.1.a. Truth Value:

1.1.b. Propositional Variables:

Example 1.2:

Think about this:

Example 1.3:

Definition 1.4:

Problem 1.5:

  1. Dalmations are dogs.
  2. Cats poop ice cream.
  3. Margaritas are made with limes.
  4. There are 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Definition 1.7:

1.7.a. Order of Operations.

  1. ~

1.7.b. Truth Tables.

Exercise 1.7.c.

  1. Lemons are sour or Yale is in Connecticut.
  2. Pumpkins are gourds and all cars have twenty wheels.
  3. Cats can fly or fish can run a 4-minute mile.
  4. Water is wet and “bonjour” is a French word.


Good Job! Important things we learned so far:

  1. What a proposition is.
  2. Three propositional operators and their order of operations
  3. What a truth table is.

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